Data migration quality assurance

In theory, the idea of data migration is to make data originated from one system be compatible with the new one. It's required when there is an update of company software, change of application, business processes change, and in many other situations. Additionally, there also are situations which data migration isn't necessary in, but it's suggested to ensure proper data quality. And data migration quality assurance is the question which a lot of attention has to be paid to.

What is data migration quality assurance? The simplest definition states it's looking for potential errors and eliminating the risk of their occurring. Unfortunately, it's isn't as easy in practice. What most data migration coordinators are aware of is making a good migration plan, which all stages of migration are specified in. But it's not enough in many cases. Thereupon, there are special methods for indicating possible error-generating areas. They can be divided into two groups. First one consists of testing-based methods which - according to the name - are special testing techniques on technical side of the question. The second group, on the other hand, focuses on the organizational aspect and answers the question about how to organize data migration in the way that makes the lowest number of errors probable.

Testing vs Project management based data migration methods

Detailed articles on two approaches to data migration quality assurance:

  • Testing-based methods
  • Project management-based methods
  • Assuring quality of data migration is much more difficult than migrating data itself. In fact, assuring quality starts long before any real migration process can be started. And only if begun so early, allows to minimize all risks of failure. There are different risks and there are different methods to minimize them. Data migration quality assurance methods may be divided into two groups - testing techniques and project management-based techniques. First ones apply to verifying if processes which migration consists of, went the required way, while the second ones help in better preparing the migration. Following the rules of both these groups is the best way to ensure the required quality of data migration.